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Study Skills Institute focuses exclusively on providing LearntoLearn study skills courses and curriculum for students, parents, educators and institutions of learning.   Our concern is that too many students are not receiving comprehensive study skills training.  Hence, our mission is to help provide such training for students in any way possible. To accomplish this we have developed the online Study Skills Institute which provides courses, curriculum and resources that can be adapted for any learning environment.
Like a lock that needs a specific key, student often need study skills instruction and tips that address their unique needs. In our decades of teaching LearntoLearn courses, we've learned to focus on the unique needs of each student.  Likewise, every educator, every family and every academic institution has a unique set of needs.  Study Skills Institute can customize our LearntoLearn courses and curriculum to suit your specific needs. Indeed, it's why we are here!
Students often develop study habits piecemeal over time, getting tips on some topics and formal instruction on others. However, too many students do not receive comprehensive study skills training. As a result, student habits often have gaps that can cause problems as they progress through school.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive study skills lessons that ensure students are not going to "hit the wall" as school becomes more difficult.
The popular LearntoLearn Summer Course has been taught on the Wake Forest University campus since 1972.  Geared toward middle school, high school and college students who want to improve in school, this course helps students understand and develop more effective study habits. 

Tutor Training

Helping students refine their study habits is just one responsibility among many for a parent. Needs can range from seeking advice to resolve a specific issue to trying to help student who is really struggling. On top of that, parent schedules, commuting, house rules, family values, parental priorities and the number, ages and abilities of children make for many unique circumstances.  Our parent resources are designed to fit within your unique family dynamic.In fact, our first questions are to figure out what you need.

Tutor Training
Education Companies

As any educator knows, it is one thing to understand a topic and another to teach it.  And as any administrator knows, it is yet another task to facilitate a course.  So while a cornerstone of our LearntoLearn courses are the teaching methods, it is also very important to help provide training and curriculum resources flexibly and affordably. Our first step is a needs assessment that includes such considrations as student needs, learning environment, scheduling constraints, instructor needs, available technology and budget.