The LearntoLearn Summer Course
LearntoLearn Summer Course Notification List

Presently, there are no LearntoLearn courses scheduled for summer 2011.  However, we may be able to schedule a high school and/or middle school session on in late spring or early summer.   If you are interested in a late notice session, please complete the notification form and you will the first to receive notification. 


The popular LearntoLearn Summer Course has been taught on the Wake Forest University campus since 1972.  Geared toward middle school, high school and college students who want to improve in school, this course helps students understand and develop more effective study habits. 

Is LearntoLearn the course for you?

The short answer to this question is that The LearntoLearn Course is for any student who wants to improve in school. Your "real" answer really depends upon your needs. If you let us know your specific concerns, we can tell you how the course will address your needs. Email or call (336.223.8032) with questions.

In general, The LearntoLearn Course serves students who struggle to pass, students who make straight A's and everyone in between. Our focus is on improvement, starting each topic at a basic level and showing the progression to advanced levels. Students begin practicing at their current level and are pushed to improve and to increase their understanding of the learning process. Improvement through practice is the proof and the one's understanding makes it last. This method helps ensure that students are not missing a basic skill that may impair their ability to learn more efficiently.




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